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Now on LowEndBoxTV: "The Deprecated, Bloodstained Code in the Linux Kernel" Documentary

One of our most popular posts ever was a piece we ran last year entitled The Deprecated, Bloodstained Code in the Linux Kernel.

We told the story of Hans Reiser, creator of ReiserFS, a filesystem that once was the default in SuSE Linux and is still in the kernel.  Technically very advanced for its time, it brought some innovations in how metadata was stored and was a departure from the way things were done in contemporary filesystems.

And then Hans Reiser was arrested for murder.

Although this story was covered in the mainstream press, we took a little more technical angle, as well as a deeper focus on the “mail order bride” angle to the story, explaining the industry’s history and booming popularity after the fall of the Soviet Union.  We traced how Hans met Nina, how their relationship went off the rails, and their individual fates, as well as the end of ReiserFS.

Now we’ve got a YouTube version of the story for you to watch, including some new audio of Hans commenting on his marriage from a prison phone call.  It’s just just a word-for-word reading of our story but a fresh script, and we think you’ll enjoy it.

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