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STU Telecom is Launching an IP Reputation Service

Stuart Elvish from STU Telecom reached out to us to tell us a little about a new IP reputation service they’re rolling out.  They submitted a nice writeup and invitation to LEB members to try out the service.  If you’re interested in checking the reputation of IPs to see if any nefarious activities are originating there, read on for more about this interesting new service.

Many service providers, particularly VoIP providers, are finding an increasing number of IP’s attempting to probe their network and attempt to compromise some of their processes. STU Telecom (Australian registered business, ABN 90992085756) is currently preparing to launch a service that allows service providers to check IP addresses for known “bad behaviour” (such as port scanning, attempted SSH logins, attempted VoIP invites/registrations/options) using dedicated servers which don’t service any real customers.

The system summarizes all this data and creates a history profile. This also shows if multiple services have been attempted from the same IP address (eg web, VoIP and SSH) giving you detailed data for your security assessment.

If you are interested in trialing this service please visit our site and fill in the contact form on the website. There are some plans detailed there, but if you mention you are from LEB and give us an idea of how you want to use the data, the type of API access you would require and what you think the service is worth we’ll get back to you with a negotiated rate. While we scale up the service we will be offering free access for a limited time and then significant discounts for early adopters.

One question I am asked frequently is “why can’t I just setup a honey pot myself/join a community project?” You could but you wouldn’t have data from multiple nodes in different geographies, you possibly wouldn’t have data from different service types/ports, genuine customers could be captured in the data and some community systems can be “poisoned” by competitors. Our service aims to fix all these problems and make the data affordable and insightful.

I am happy to answer any questions you have so please do get in touch.


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