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What's the Fastest Wordpress Stack? Find Out on LowEndTalk!

Wordpress LogoStop me if you’ve heard this on before. You started a web site and were thrilled when you started to get substantial traffic.  At first, your cPanel hosting could keep up but eventually either you or your provider decided that you’d outgrown shared hosting.

So you step up to a VPS and maybe it’s OK for a while but eventually you hit that limit, so you upgrade it, and pretty soon we’re into real money.  Eventually as you look at the Nth upgrade or decide it’s time to step up to a dedicated server you say to yourself, “am I really tuned up?”

What is the best WordPress stack?  Apache?  NGINX?  What’s the best DB (Maria?  MySQL?) and how are you serving PHP?

These kinds of real-world conversations happen all the time on LowEndTalk and for an answer to this question, I’ll point you to the thread that’s going on right now.

User asks question – people will experience jump in and provide answers.  Happens every day on LowEndTalk!


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  1. Petre:

    This is what I suggest–

    1. find a cheap KVM server on LET located near your target audience
    2. setup free Cloudflare account for your domain
    3. install open source SlickStack and watch your traffic grow


    July 29, 2022 @ 3:11 am | Reply

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