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BLACK FRIDAY: PloxHost Kicks Off Sunday: Dedi Servers for $20/month! 1GB VPS with UNMETERED BANDWIDTH $1.56/Month!

Happy Cyber Monday from PloxHost! They’re sharing an offer for our readers on some incredibly cheap VPSes with UNMETERED BANDWIDTH: OpenVZ 1GB is only $1.56/month! 1GB KVM is $1.80/month! Or get a dedicated server for only $20/month!  That’s an L5520 with 32GB of RAM, 250GB HDD, and 10TB transfer. These offers are available in New York and […]

Have You Seen the LowEndBoxTV YouTube Channel?

Have you checked out the LowEndBoxTV YouTube channel lately?  We launched in May of this year and six months later we’ve to a wealth of content for you: Many tutorials on everything from creating your own self-hosted disposable webmail to hosting your own DNS to firing up a WordPress site in only 3 commands New […]

BLACK FRIDAY: Did you miss any of these VPS Black Friday Offers?

How is your Black Friday shopping going? Did you get in on any of the great deals we posted yesterday?  Some may still be available!  Here’s a quick catchup: WebHorizon: 2GB VPS for $25/year Limitless Hosting: DirectAdmin for $3/Year, 20GB reseller for $24/Year! VisualWebTechnologies: Shared Hosting from $2.91/Year, cPanel for $9.60/Year The Venus Host: Shared […]

BLACK FRIDAY: Two Ways to Save on Dedi Servers from HostSlick! (Powerful Systems, Max 84€/Month!)

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HostSlick is here for Black Friday!  Maximilian submitted a great offer for us: “Hey! Maximilian here from HostSlick.com.  Active for years on the LowEndTalk community! HostSlick is once again stepping out of the shadow to offer another awesome and very unique deal! We have thought about something custom. What could we do this Black-Friday 2021 and […]

BLACK FRIDAY: Join the LowEndTalk Megathread Now for EVEN MORE DEALS!

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Did you know there’s a whole other party going on right now? Not only are we posting barnstorming, brain-blowing, solar-system-shattering offers here on LowEndBox all through CyberMonday, but there is a mega-thread to end all mega-threads over at LowEndTalk! The LowEndTalk Black Friday Megathread is a massive tradition in our community: In 2018, @Nekki hosted […]

BLACK FRIDAY: ServerHub Dedis Starting at $33/Month (e3 with 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, 20TB Bandwidth!)

Welcome to Black Friday, ServerHub! And thank for this fantastic offer on a cheap dedi in Dallas: e3-1230 with 16GB of RAM and 20TB of bandwidth in Dallas, TX, USA: Only $33/month! They also have some great prices in Toronto, Miami, and Warsaw, so if your Black Friday shopping list includes a cheap dedicated server, read more to see […]

BLACK FRIDAY: It’s Official Now! BTW, Did You Miss Out on Any of these Early Bird Deals?

OK, now it’s officially Black Friday. We know you guys didn’t really want to wait until it was officially Friday so we start our Black Friday season on Wednesday, then post more on Thursday, and by the time Friday comes along we are in high gear, dropping offers like clockwork.  But now it’s officially Black Friday. Been busy?  […]

BLACK FRIDAY: Reprise Hosting Offers Dedi Servers Starting at $25.97/month!

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Reprise Hosting is here and is making a big statement this Black Friday: Get a 16GB L5640 6-core dedi with 1TB of disk and 20TB of transfer, including IPMI, for only $25.97/month! Or a 32GB with dual E5-2650L v2 10-core CPUs (same disk and transfer) for only $38.96/month! Wow!  Thanks Reprise Hosting for the incredible deal! […]

BLACK FRIDAY: QuadraNet’s Incredible Buy 3, Get 1 Free Dedi Offer is Here! (from $45/mo)

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Do you need some serious horsepower?  Then check out QuadraNet’s awesome Black Friday offer: Pick one of the dedis below (for example, an e3 with 16GB of RAM/1TB disk/20TB bandwidth) Buy 3…GET ONE FREE! And there’s no setup fee. We’re literally talking about a free dedi server here, folks!  Black Friday! Their WHOIS is public. […]

BLACK FRIDAY: ServerMania’s Powerful Dedis are On Sale!

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We aim for a diversity of deals here on LEB – everything from the tinyest OpenVZ to the mightiest dedi.  ServerMania is definitely on the upper end of that scale, offering powerful dedi systems that are fully configured to roar on the Internet. These offers include: Quad- or hexacore e3 Xeon processors 32GB of RAM Dual […]

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