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Dropbox Will Share Your Personal Files with OpenAI Unless You Do This

Dropbox LogoDropbox has integrated some AI tools, and the engine backing that is OpenAI.  So it’s not entirely surprising that if you use the AI tools, some of your data is going to end up on OpenAI’s servers.

For a month.

According to Dropbox’s FAQ, OpenAI may retain your data for up to 30 days.  I don’t know about you, but the prospect of my Dropbox content being used to train AI models leaves me feeling a bit queasy.

But it’s not just if you use AI features.  It’s if you share files with anyone using AI features.

Dropbox’s behavior on this is very disappointing:

  • The “third-party AI” feature is turned on by default even though you never consented to this.
  • The description is deceptively phrased: “We only use technology partners we have vetted. Your data is never used to train their internal models”.  OK, so it’s used to train their external models, right?  Otherwise why make that distinction?

You can turn this off:

  1. Go to dropbox.com and login
  2. Click your profile pic in the upper right
  3. Select Settings in the drop down
  4. Click the Third Party AI section
  5. Turn the button to off

Dropbox AI Setting


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