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How I Upgraded Proxmox 7 to 8 Without a Hitch: Part 1, the Backing Up

Proxmox LogoI have a Protectli 8250U system at home that serves as my VM host.  It’s got an i5-8250U with 8 cores, 64GB of RAM, and a pair of internal NVMe drives.  While I wouldn’t run VPS company on it, it’s been excellent for running my home farm.

I was running Proxmox 7.0 on it and was a bit behind on updates.  I also realized Proxmox 8 is out.  It was upgrade time.

Step 1: Back Everything Up!

I use Synology NAS devices, so this step was easy.

First, I went to the Synology DSM web interface, clicked control panel, and then Shared Folders.  I created a new shared folder with these parameters:

Nothing fancy.  No need for the recycle bin.  The only other change was under NFS Permissions:

This shares the NFS drive to my Proxmox server, in this case.  Save and we’re done.

Now over on the Proxmox host, I went to Datacenter -> Storage.  Click Add and select NFS.

For “ID” put whatever you like.  Since the Synology I used is called “alpha,” I called it “alpha_proxmox_backups”.  Specify the server, and then for Export the full path.  In this case, it’s /volume1/proxmox_backups.  Click Add and you’re done.

Now for each VM, you can perform a backup.  Go the VM, click Backup, and then Backup Now:

Proxmox Upgrade

I selected Stop for Mode, which will shut down the VM, perform the backup, and then restart it.  Click Backup and watch your backups run.

Step 2: Don’t Forget /etc

Just in case, I also backed up /etc.  Log into your hypervisor (the Proxmox physical host) and you’ll see that the NFS share you created is mounted under /mnt/pve/<mount name>

To backup your /etc directory:

tar czf /mnt/pve/alpha_proxmox_backups/etc.20230819.tar.gz /etc

OK, we’re ready to upgrade.  If something goes appallingly wrong, we can nuke everything and import the VMs, but hopefully that won’t be necessary.  Find out tomorrow!


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