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This Provider got 1+ MILLION Views on Black Friday... Did You Join The Party Yet?

RackNerd Black Friday

When it comes to Black Friday deals in the hosting world, one name often comes to mind: RackNerd. They’ve consistently shown a knack for rolling out some of the most compelling Black Friday campaigns, year after year. This time around, RackNerd has once again made headlines with their latest Black Friday 2023 offerings on our sister site, LowEndTalk, drawing an impressive level of engagement from the community. How much? Well, RackNerd’s Black Friday thread as of the time I am writing this, has surpassed over one million views! Pretty impressive.

The deals themselves are quite attractive – with KVM VPS and Ryzen NVMe VPS starting from just $10.18 per year, alongside attractive deals on shared and reseller hosting. Further spicing up the occasion, RackNerd introduced the ‘Wheel of Savings’ for additional discounts, coupled with an array of giveaways for the LowEndTalk community. In recognition of their consistent excellence and professionalism, the LowEndTalk community has voted RackNerd as the #1 Top Provider + #1 Most Professional Provider.

View RackNerd’s Black Friday deals here: https://www.racknerd.com/BlackFriday/

Join RackNerd’s LowEndTalk party thread here: https://lowendtalk.com/discussion/190011/b-l-a-c-k-f-r-i-d-a-y-by-lets-1-top-provider-racknerd-hundreds-of-giveaways-come-get-some

Don’t miss out on the fun and deals in their LowEndTalk party thread:

  • Diverse Range of Giveaways: This Black Friday, RackNerd is amplifying the excitement with an extensive array of giveaways. From main giveaways to engagement giveaways, and even random giveaways – there’s something for everyone! The engagement giveaways offer a unique twist, allowing participants to influence their chances of winning. Engage actively and you might just find yourself taking home prizes like the MSI Thin GF63 Gaming Laptop. It’s all about creating your own luck this season with RackNerd!
  • Unbeatable VPS Offers: Starting at a jaw-dropping $10.18/Year! Expect nothing less than pure SSD performance, bolstered by KVM virtualization, and multiple datacenter locations to deploy from.
  • Ryzen Power: RackNerd is introducing and unveiling their new Ryzen NVMe product line this Black Friday, powered by top-of-the-line Ryzen 7950X processors, DDR5 memory, and Gen4 NVMe storage.
  • Wheel of Savings: This year, RackNerd is introducing the Wheel of Savings – adding an extra layer of intrigue and providing you with additional savings towards your Black Friday order!
  • Double the Bandwidth: Yes, you read that right. Double bandwidth is applicable towards all Black Friday products by commenting your order # on the LowEndTalk thread, making these deals even sweeter.
  • Complimentary Clientexec License: A bonus for all orders, adding value to your investment.
  • Free VPS Giveaways: RackNerd is keeping up with their tradition of giving back to the community with some fantastic VPS giveaways within their LowEndTalk thread.

The excitement extends beyond just RackNerd’s offerings. Take, for instance, the CEO of RackNerd, known as @dustinc on LowEndTalk. He’s been actively engaging in the community by hosting random giveaways right in their LowEndTalk thread, and not just any giveaways – he’s even giving away cash to celebrate Black Friday! Why? In his own words: “We’re all about giving back to the community, we like everyone winning, even competitors, so how about cash so that you guys can buy their deals too?” See the post for yourself here:

RackNerd Thread

Now, it’s one thing for a provider to offer account credits as a giveaway, something typically restricted to their own services. But RackNerd’s approach of giving away real cash, distributed via CashApp or Zelle, is a gesture of generosity on a completely different scale. Kudos to RackNerd for not only embracing the community spirit but also for their remarkable commitment to genuinely giving back. The key takeaway is that RackNerd’s generosity extends far beyond their own offerings this Black Friday. They’re not just giving away RackNerd-specific items; they’re also providing an array of exciting prizes like cash, AirPods, a gaming laptop, and more – all within their LowEndTalk party thread! Of course, RackNerd staples like VPS giveaways, account credit giveaways, RackNerd gaming mousepads, and SwissGear backpacks with the RackNerd logo branded are part of the mix too, making for a varied and thrilling selection of giveaways.

Check out RackNerd’s Black Friday 2023 thread over at LowEndTalk by clicking HERE, refresh it frequently to stay in the loop on new developments or possible giveaways, celebrate it, have some fun, and share it with your friends!


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