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BLACK FRIDAY BEGINS! Unveiling $10.18/Year VPS Deals, Ryzen 7950X NVMe VPS, Giveaways & More w/ RackNerd!

RackNerd Black Friday 2023

Black Friday 2023 just got a whole lot more insane with RackNerd’s latest rollout of deals! The anticipation has been building, and now, it’s time to dive into the crazy offers that RackNerd is bringing to the table this year. Continuing their tradition of dropping jaw-dropping deals, RackNerd is once again the talk of the town with their Black Friday 2023 event.

Year after year, RackNerd has consistently delivered some of the most attractive deals in the community. Their blend of competitive pricing and robust performance has earned them a stellar reputation. It’s no surprise that the LEB/LET community eagerly awaits their Black Friday threads, which historically have been a hotspot of engagement, racking up impressive view counts and lively discussions.

What’s cooking this Black Friday at RackNerd? Well, hold onto your seats because the deals are sizzling:

  • Diverse Range of Giveaways: This Black Friday, RackNerd is amplifying the excitement with an extensive array of giveaways. From main giveaways to engagement giveaways, and even random giveaways – there’s something for everyone! The engagement giveaways offer a unique twist, allowing participants to influence their chances of winning. Engage actively and you might just find yourself taking home prizes like the MSI Thin GF63 Gaming Laptop. It’s all about creating your own luck this season with RackNerd!
  • Unbeatable VPS Offers: Starting at a jaw-dropping $10.18/Year! Expect nothing less than pure SSD performance, bolstered by KVM virtualization, and multiple datacenter locations to deploy from.
  • Ryzen Power: RackNerd is introducing and unveiling their new Ryzen NVMe product line this Black Friday, powered by top-of-the-line Ryzen 7950X processors, DDR5 memory, and Gen4 NVMe storage.
  • Wheel of Savings: This year, RackNerd is introducing the Wheel of Savings – adding an extra layer of intrigue and providing you with additional savings towards your Black Friday order!
  • Double the Bandwidth: Yes, you read that right. Double bandwidth is applicable towards all Black Friday products by commenting your order # on the LowEndTalk thread, making these deals even sweeter.
  • Complimentary Clientexec License: A bonus for all orders, adding value to your investment.
  • Free VPS Giveaways: RackNerd is keeping up with their tradition of giving back to the community with some fantastic VPS giveaways within their LowEndTalk thread.

But there’s more! As I mentioned earlier, RackNerd is hosting an engagement giveaway. This year, they’re offering an MSI Thin GF63 Gaming Laptop to the most engaged user in their LowEndTalk thread. Along with other prizes like an iPad 64GB latest Gen, Amazon Fire TV, AirPods Pro, and more within their engagement giveaway.

Don’t miss out on the action. Check out RackNerd’s Black Friday thread on LowEndTalk for a chance to score these incredible deals and be part of a community that’s all about sharing, celebrating, and enjoying the best of Black Friday.

Check it out now, reload it with your F5 key, have some fun, and share it with your friends:

Join RackNerd’s Black Friday thread over at LowEndTalk by clicking HERE.

View RackNerd’s Black Friday Offers here: https://www.racknerd.com/BlackFriday/

If you’re interested in seeing Black Friday develop, if you haven’t already, be sure to register and stay active on LowEndTalk!


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