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Binary Docker For CapRover Web Installs On Any Linux Distribution!

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Docker logo

A recent Low End Box Editorial asked whether CapRover and the rise of one-click web installs has made Linux distributions obsolete.

The above linked Editorial discussed similarities between obsolescence and abstraction. The Editorial traced these similarities all the way from hardware to the modern web.

Docker was mentioned in the Editorial as an important method of operating system abstraction. Docker containerization allows running the same software in very different operating system environments.

Notably, Docker is a prerequisite for CapRover, our one-click install hero!

For Low End LOLs it seemed a fun project to try getting CapRover driven one-click web installs going on the world’s oldest living Linux distribution, Slackware.

Docker makes available Linux static binaries for both the Docker daemon and the Docker client. Static binaries also were mentioned in the above linked Editorial as another method of distribution agnosticism. So here we are, using one method of abstraction, static binaries, to install yet another method of abstraction, Docker, for the purpose of installing a third method of abstraction, CapRover. LOL!


Powerful Cheap Dedi from ReliableSite: NYC Sold Out, LA and Miami Still Available!

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ReliableSiteCommunity provider ReliableSite shared an offer on LowEndTalk a couple days ago and if you’re in the market for a cheap dedi, it deserves your attention!

  • Get an AMD 3700X with 64GB of RAM, 2×512 NVMe drives, and 1Gbps unmetered with KVM in Los Angeles or Miami – instant setup – for $79/month!

This includes DDoS protection.  And if you want more bandwidth, they posted pricing for dialing up from 2Gbps all the way to 10Gbps.

You might enjoy reading our interview with Radic Davydov, CEO of ReliableSite.

Looks pretty tasty and as of this writing, NYC Metro is already sold out.  If you’re looking in Miami or Los Angeles, jump on this before they’re sold out!

DigitalOcean Breaks the $5 Price Point

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DigitalOceanDigitalOcean has announced new pricing starting July 1, 2022.  Notably, 1GB RAM VPSes will now be $6/mo.

$5/mo for 1GB has been a price point for a long, long time.  Linode, Vultr, and others have all moved in lock step with that pricing model, so it’ll be interesting to see if the rest of the industry follows suit.

Also interesting is the fact that pricing has been falling over time.  Either prices drop or you get more resource for your buck.   This marks a point where you’re paying more for the same resources.

At least two factors are weighing here.

First, global inflation is picking up, and with supply chain issues in IT, costs to operate a network of datacenters may be rising.

Second, IPv4 exhaustion has put pricing pressure on one of the essential components of selling a virtual server.

Interesting, DO threw a sop to subscribers by offering a new $4 VM which has 512MB.  You might think this would burn IPs fast for less profit, however if you read the announcement there is no promise of IPv4.  The $4 product may debut with IPv6-only, or with limited quantities per subscriber.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Johnny Nguyen (GreenValueHost) Interview!

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GreenValueHostIf you’d like some background on today’s interview, consult yesterday’s post.

First, thanks for doing the interview!  There were a lot of skeptical questions about your motivations, so let’s start there.  Why did you agree to do an interview?

While in prison, I spent almost a month in solitary confinement in a secure psychiatric unit. I had a lot of time to think and reflect on the past. I came to an epiphany there that in order to truly learn from my past and prevent making the same mistakes again in the future, I must continue to revisit everything that led up to where I am today. I agreed to do this interview because it is an opportunity for me to reflect and remind myself of what I did wrong.

You were convicted of fraud and the press release says you bought PII and used it to buy gift cards and other fungible digital assets and then converted them to cash.  How did that get started?

I was able to find vulnerabilities in the fraud detection algorithms of several major anti-fraud detection companies and used them to make fraudulent transactions using stolen information.

When I see these true crime documentaries on YouTube, it always starts small and eventually gets out of hand.  What did your arc look like?

I was severely depressed and was looking for a way out. Instead of seeking professional help, I victimized others to pay for things like being able to travel, bringing girls out on expensive dates, and putting on the guise of success to artificially bolster my low self-esteem. I think the high point of my arc was when I was able to take out girls who were way out of my league, who never would have paid any attention to me if I didn’t have money. After I lost all of it, I realized that I was not only cheating the people that I stole from, but I cheated myself, too.

Much of this operation seems difficult to trace, as long as it’s a closed cryptocurrency loop.  But I imagine to scale it up, you need customers who want to pay in fiat currency.  Was your key mistake at the crypto/fiat conversion point?  Or what?

My key mistake was getting involved in criminal activity in the first place. I had a clean criminal record, a bright future, and family and friends who believed in me. I threw all of that away for money, not realizing that those things are priceless.

The press release refers to “and others involved” – did you rat?

I did not testify against anyone in my case. The “others involved” are unfortunately located in other countries. It is my belief that one day everyone involved in these sorts of schemes will face their own justice, one way or another.

I did, however, provide the remaining PII and exploit information that I had, allowing the government to notify banks and the companies involved. This was the right thing to do.

How did the arrest go down?  Were you binging Netflix at home when the goon squad broke down the door?


FREE DOMAIN: Get a .app or .dev from Porkbun, FREE for a Year with Reasonable Renewals!

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PorkbunLooking for a free domain?  How about a .app or a .dev, free for 1 year?

That’s what Porkbun is offering!  Just head over to the page and claim yours, while supplies last.  However, supplies are unlimited!  Limit 1 per person.

Go-forward pricing looks like this:

  • .app: $10.79 first year, $11.42 renewal
  • .dev: $12.85 first year, $12.98 renewal

…so not too bad when it comes time to renew.

We’ve covered Porkbun before, and they’re one of the community’s favorite registrars.  Grab a domain and enjoy a free year, and let us know below what you’re building with it!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Johnny Nguyen (GreenValueHost) Interview Backgrounder

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GreenValueHostAs we recently mentioned, Johnny Nguyen of GreenValueHost fame agreed to do an interview with us.

We collected and consolidated community questions and presented them to Mr. Nguyen, and now we’ve got his responses.

The full interview will appear tomorrow, May 16.

In the meantime, for those who don’t remember the saga or need a refresher, here’s a quick history.

GVH burst onto the LowEnd scene 2013ish and published all kinds of crazy deals.  They were very fond of offering multi-year pre-paid deals at steep discounts.  During this same era, there were other providers on LET practicing a very “in-your-face”, insult-slinging style of marketing and GVH picked up on that, making outrageous promises and shouting down anyone who dared criticize.

Naturally, it blew up, and by early 2015 it was all over.  Arguably it was over long before that because performance was hideous and the network unusable.  I believe there was also a WHMCS or other PII breach in there somewhere.

Johnny Nguyen posted multiple times saying he’d had a change of heart, was going to reform, etc. Those would come out on, say, Saturday and by Wednesday he’d be back to “we’re the best in industry, here’s another crazy deal”.

At one point he announced he was stepping down, and that “Jaroslav” was taking over.  Note the “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” header – a GVH hallmark.  Anyway, there was quite a bit of “executive reshuffling”, always following “executing management meetings” etc.  Who knows who was meeting with who, but some of the new executives were real and some were Johnny.

Of course I’m skipping over all the complaint threads and angry customers but that was a lot of noise in the community for a while.

Finally, it melted down, and Johnny Nguyen he bailed out and transferred the whole thing to XFuse Solutions (@XFS_Duke).  Duke may have been trying to make the best of a bad situation, perhaps figuring that if he delivered what people were promised, enough of them would become long-term customers to make it worthwhile.

However, the basic math just did not work.  People were signed up on unsustainable offers and XFuse doubled down by trying to square all datacenter accounts and make customers happy.

Things did not last long.  Angry customers opened more threads.  Duke made some apology and status update videos and his wife at one point got into a spat with the community.  In the end, it was doomed.  I see Xfuse got the GVH customer base in February 2015. And the last tweet from XFuse Solutions was in September 2015.  Ouch.

After this, JN vanished for a while.  I recall he had one or two other short-lived business ventures and then word broke that he’d been arrested, and eventually convicted of identity theft and fraud.  He served time in prison and is now back in society.

So why interview Johnny Nguyen?  To be clear, no one is condoning either the fraud he was convicted of nor the fraud he committed via GreenValueHost’s unfulfillable promises.  Providers fail all the time, but the classy ones make refunds and, most importantly, don’t grab as much prepaid cash as they can and drain it out of the company prior to dumping it.

Our interest in the interview is chiefly because the community will enjoy it.  GVH is part of community history.  Also, we were interested to get answers to some questions the community wanted to ask from that time.   And finally, we wanted to see what Johnny took from that experience and from his prison experience.  Will he go straight?  Does he have a plan?  Is he going back into hosting?

Find out tomorrow!

CloudServer: BLACK FRIDAY Flashback Offer! Crazy Cheap Windows VPS Deal!

CloudServrer Logo

Last Black FridayCloudServer gave us a great offer and we’re excited to see them on gain.  Especially since

  1. they’re bringing back that same Black Friday offer,
  2. those deals were pretty good, and
  3. they even made the offer a little better!

How good?  How much better?  In this deal, CloudServer will give you some wonderfully cheap VPSes:

  • $2.50/mo for a 2GB KVM VPS with 5TB of bandwidth!
  • Or get a 2GB cheap Windows VPS for $15.00 / 6 months, also with 5TB bandwidth!

CloudServer‘s WHOIS is public. Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards.

Here’s a little about CloudServer in their own words:

“We are excited to get to bring back our Black Friday sale! CloudServer continues to offer low cost high-performance Windows and KVM VPS services. CloudServer has been in business for roughly 12 months now. We really value the community, and we are all about taking care of the customers! This is a LowEndBox exclusive!”

Have you been a CloudServer customer? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Now read more to see the offers!


How an American Studies Major Conquered the Datacenter Market: Interview with OpenColo’s Sally Simkiss

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OpenColo InterviewToday we’ve got an awesome interview with Sally Simkiss, co-founder and CEO of Energy Group Networks LLC.  I was very excited to chat with Sally because she’s had a very non-traditional career and is an example of how people who were not computer science majors or engineering professionals can transition into IT and be very successful.

Sally is also CEO of OpenColo, a boutique state-of-the-art datacenter in Santa Clara, CA.  Read on to learn how they are thriving in the tough colo and datacenter market!


Get Ready to Upgrade to RedHat Enterprise Linux 9

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RedHat LogoRedHat Linux 9 will soon be here.  It was announced this week at Red Hat Summit and will be the first major release post-IBM acquisition.

Presumably Alma and Rocky releases will soon follow.  As a reminder, you can run RHEL on 16 development servers for free.

RHEL 9 will be based on Fedora 34, so BTRFS as the default perhaps…?

There will be some forgettable release name assigned to this release.  Version names are a core technology area where RHEL lags behind industry leaders such as Ubuntu’s whimsical animals and Debian’s structured exploration of the Toy Story universe.


Silicom Network: Unlimited cPanel Disk/Bandwidth at a Price Too Low for the Headline!

Silicom Network Logo

If you’re looking for cheap cPanel host with unlimited disk (check the fine print), unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails for a shockingly low price, we may have just the offer for you.

How shockingly low?  In the interest of public safety and more clicks, I’m not going to tell you unless you Read More below, but I’ll just say if cheap cPanel hosting is what you’re looking for, this may be life-changing.

Oh, and they also have ridiculously cheap cPanel with normal disk limits, such as a 1GB disk plan (yes, with unlimited bandwidth) for $3/year or a 10GB plan for $6/year.

And then there’s the unlimited plan.  People with pacemakers should consult their physician before clicking Read More.

These offers come from Silicom Network.  They were last on back in February, and the comments section was extra spicy!  So read up, peek to see the price because you know you’re going to, and decide if you want to jump in.

Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept Paypal, Debit /Credit Cards.

Here’s a little about Silicom Network in their own words:

“Since our founding in 1998, Silicom Network has continually innovated new ways to deliver on our mission: to empower people to fully harness the web. We provide comprehensive tools to hundreds of users throughout the world so anyone, novice or pro, can get on the web and thrive with our web hosting packages.

“We provide you with exceptional support. Our dedicated Systems Administrators and Front End Technical Support can answer your questions and provide you with a superior level of support. If you require your website to be up and running at lightning speed all of the time then you can trust Silicom Network as your hosting provider. We offer you redundancy within our high end servers, and redundancy with our superior connectivity. This means that your website will be up and running at full speed all of the time (99.8%).

“Some of the benefits of hosting your business website with Silicom Network: Free SSL for all domains and subdomains, Softaculous.& 24/7 support in english and spanish.”

If you decide to give Silicom Network a try, please tell others how it goes in the comments below.

Now read more to see the offers!


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