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Special Awards for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offers

Some previous posts about 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday in case you missed them:

In this post, I’d like to hand out some special awards for providers whose offers were interesting, unique, different, or otherwise stood out from the pack this year.  It’s not always about providing the lowest price-per-GB (though sometimes it is!).  Providers can differentiate themselves in others ways, so let’s take a look at some of the interesting offers.

Best Green Hosting Offers

  • Hosterlabs runs of 100% renewable power and offered a 1GB VPS for 99 cents/month
  • SoftShellWeb offered to plant a tree for every month of service you have with them.  And they had cool Black Friday office pics in their post as well!

Best High Bandwidth Offers

Best Massive Storage Offer

  • ServaRICA‘s 8TB of SSD for $20/mo was pretty amazing

Best Exotic Locale

OK, these aren’t exotic like “Antarctica” or “Pyongyang” but places we don’t see often:

Best Debut With a Custom Panel

  • Misaka showed us their cool mc2 panel

Best Windows Service

I’m a Linux/OpenBSD guy myself but some people like Windows.  If you’re one of those, then…

Absolute Low Price Awards

  • For shared in US/EU, cheapest I saw was Limitless offering DirectAdmin for $3/year
  • For shared in Asia/Pacific, the nod goes to TeraDelta‘s $7.25/year offer in Singapore
  • For VPS, the obvious choice is Hyper Expert‘s 1GB VPs for $1/year!

Once again, many thanks to our providers for bringing us such wonderful diversity in the marketplace.


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