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Looking Back: The Mega-Recap of 2023!

2023 Recap

2023 has been a bender.  Lots of news, lots of people coming and going, and we hit the 5,000 post milestone.  And of course, we shared tons of amazing offers.  Besides fabulous deals on cheap VPS, cheap dedicated server, and cheap shared/reseller hosting, we also shared a lot of industry news.  Let’s recap the year!

AI.  AI Everywhere.

Some sites were busted for using ChatGPT-authored articles.  Not us!

We talked a lot about Midjourney (and its missing API)

IBM said they were axing 7,800 jobs and replacing them with AI.

Meta ditched its responsible AI team.

And we’re headed for other AI-fueled disasters.

New Cool Stuff

Debian 12 (Bookworm) arrived and it is glorious.

The Raspberry Pi 5 was released.

Free monitoring service GlobalPing launched with some nifty hardware plugs.

The Windows XP activation algorithm was cracked after 21 years.

And Microsoft is apparently looking into nuclear-powered datacenters.

Drama Queens

StackOverflow had so much drama.

Reddit demonstrated how much they really, really hate their community.

OpenAI blew up but apparently put itself back together again.

And KiwiFarms had so much freakin’ drama that we got tired of writing about.

Lawyers Are Obnoxious

Dungeons & Dragons owner Wizards of the Coast threatened gamers the world over in a pretty repugnant moment of legal saber-rattling.

ICANN has a new policy allowing Kim Jong-Un to seize your .net domain.

IBM attempted to kneecap all RHEL clones.

And we got our first DMCA!

Involucrations and Possible Involucrations

Involucration is a LowEndTalk-originated term for a provider deadpooling.

Nexus Bytes was involucated.  So was DediPath.  Polish “bulletproof” host Lolek seized up.

Famous short seller SprucePoint issued a scathing report on SuperMicro’s finances.  Another short seller, Hindenburg Research, reported that Block (formerly Square) was committing fraud on a massive scale.

Linode was acquired by Akamai in 2022 and in 2023 the brand vanished.  Akamai jacked up prices not long after.

Twitter – er, X – was obnoxious all year.  Blowing up third-party client apps was only part of it.  Is anyone other than people with twitter.com email addresses still rooting for this company?  Remember when Musk was going to fight Zuckerburg?

The Metaverse apparently has flopped, as Meta ordered people back into the office so they could…er, being in VR in their cubes?  Meta was also cheating advertisers.

Fedora gave up on Delta RPMs for technical reasons.  E3 died for lame reasons.

INAP filed for bankruptcy (again).  EverNote threw in the towel after 20 years.

Epik blew up.

The world that deep diving in a sub controlled by a $29.99 Logitech controller may have not been the best idea.

Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, died.  Pretty sure his interest in cheap VPS offers was minimal.

DirectAdmin raised prices.  And so did WHMCS.  And so did cPanel.

Amazon started charging for IPv4 addresses.

We related the tale of @william’s arrest for running a TOR node…and then he was arrested again.

Plex blocked Hetzner.

Big tech seems to have given up on unlimited storage.

And anyone who still thinks NFTs have a value got reality-smacked in the head.

And the Rest

Scientology, of all people, fought against right to repair.

Deluxe (former owner of LET/LEB) sold their hosting business to HostPapa.

Zoom started limiting free calls to 40 minutes with a wait to reconnect.

HostMantis was bought by…I forget who.

And I got a sale named after me from Crunchbits!


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